Senior Travelers Tips That may seem Less Important, but is Very Important

Senior Travelers Tips That may seem Less Important, but is Very Important

 Travel Itinerary is very important, regardless of the fact it is for how many days. This is very much a necessity for senior travelers. Mainly because senior travelers travel for pleasure and the last thing expected is the seniors should not bog down with stress thinking what is the next to do during the trip.


Here are a few tips for senior travelers, may be helpful


Itinerary plan

Check the destination you plan to travel. Get to know if there is lot of physical exercise, walking, and downtime?  Try to get the best of the information to suit your health and convenience.


Packing for several weeks long trip implies you can take a four-wheeler suitcase and a bag-pack or daypack. Remove the last trip tags and mark your bags such that your luggage may be visible easily. Add colorful ties, stripes and tags showing your name. Do not miss out to put your phone number and email address to be reached. On the tag inside write your name, phone number, address, and email. Also put your itinerary copy inside the luggage with an emergency number and name. Use TSA-approved locks that does not open a suitcase without breaking the lock.


Carry very comfortable shoes if there is considerable walking to be done. Take two pairs or walking shoes so that it is work for touring, shopping, dining, or otherwise.  You can wear one in the morning and while going for dinner in the evening switch to the next pair. This will give your feet time to recover from any misfit pair. Take a collapsible monopod to use as a walking stick or camera tripod, if essential.

 Make Checklist

Write down things to pack. It will certainly help in coordinating outfits. Put any item that comes first to mind or note it down. Keeping in mind the traveling destination you may consider the items to take. The important part is in choosing where to start with.

  • First is to carry extra medication. If it is a week stay, there is a need for extra medication. This is because a plan delay, break down of bus or train beyond schedule, reason may be anything. Having extra medication is essential.
  • Carry extra pair of glasses. Do not miss out on carrying extra pair of prescription. Wear clothes in layers and bring extra light sweater.
  • Carry water bottle to stay hydrated.
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Enjoy traveling!