Common changes while aging

Are you getting closer to your sixties? Have found yourself reaching to your glasses more often or feeling like your food is not as tasty as before? While we age and become older, our bodies also age with us and that is the reason why we will experience certain changes during this process. Maybe we do not notice them right away, but they will be more evident as years pass. These changes are normal and today we will tell you a little bit more about them.

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     Changes in your vision

A very common change while aging and one of the first signs of it, is the one that happens in our eyes. Actually, lots of things change in our vision. When people are on their forties, focusing on close objects becomes more and more difficult. This is known as presbyopia and happens to almost everybody. This happens because the lens of the eye stiffens making it harder for the lens to change its shape and focus.

Another thing that changes is color perception. This occurs because the lens of the eye tend to yellow, causing colors to look less bright and contrast between some colors, like black and blue, becomes less obvious. You could also need brighter light to read, as the lens become denser and less light goes through the retina. It is estimated that 60-year-olds need 3 times more light to read than 20-year-olds.

     Changes in your hair and skin

     Changes that occur in our hair and skin are the ones that are more obvious for other people. As we age, our skin becomes thinner, less elastic, drier, and more lined and wrinkled. The layer of fat under our skin thins, causing our cold tolerance to decrease and making wrinkles more like to appear.

Something that happens to both the hair and the skin is that they lose pigment. This is more evident on the hair, as it starts growing gray. Our hair also becomes thinner on the scalp, pubic area and armpits.

Changes in your hearing

     Another common change while aging is the one that occurs in our ears, especially after the age of 55. With time, hearing high-pitched sounds is more difficult and changes in tone and speech become less clear. This is why some elderly people have trouble understanding what other people say, but it is not because they cannot actually hear them. It is because most consonants are high-pitched, and as these sounds are harder to hear, it is harder to identify and distinguish words. So if you are having trouble while communicating, you should not shout when talking to elder people, just try to articulate consonants clearly.

Changes in your bones and joints

As we get older our bones become less dense and less strong. This occurs because bones contain less calcium, as the body absorbs less calcium from foods, and because levels of Vitamin D decrease, and this vitamin helps the body use calcium. This process is called osteoporosis and after menopause, it speeds up in women, as less estrogen is produced and this prevents bones from being broken.

With time, our joints also become more susceptible to injury. After years and years of movement, the cartilage that lines our joints thins, making more difficult for the surfaces of a joint to slide over each other.  Our joints also feel tight because ligaments and tendons become less elastic and they are in charge of binding joints together and binding muscles to bones.



Changes in our smell and taste

If you feel like the smell of coffee in the morning is not as comfortable as before or the flavor of the cookies your daughter bakes is not as sweet as it used to be, your ability to smell and taste may start fading. This is a common change while aging, as sensitivity in the taste buds of our tongue decreases and the lining of the nose becomes thinner and drier and the nerve endings in the nose start deteriorating. Our taste is also affected because we produce less saliva and our mouth becomes drier.

Why fast food isn’t good for you

I bet everyone has eaten a kebab or any other fast food at least once in their lives. I understand you, seriously, eat some fast food once in a month will do no harm, but not daily. This kind of food is very unhealthy for your organism.


There are many factors that make this unhealthy but we’ll just present a few of them.


Firstly, junk food causes obesity as it is some extra energy that will stay on your hips. In our times, we see 1 out of 10 people obese and it’s mostly because of fast food. With its addictive chemicals, junk food will make you want to eat it every day resulting into obesity.


Secondly, fast food preparation units add a lot of sweeteners to this kind of food. It gives us indeed our required taste but it’s not good at all for our body. Also, sugar-loaded drinks such as coca-cola, sprite or any other drink like them are a quick rush of sugars to your body.


I think we all know the fact that our junk food doesn’t have the best ingredients. And it’s logic, really, low prices for the food with low ingredients equals profit. When you eat you have no idea which came from where but you eat it because it tastes good.


You know how every food has some expire date? Yeah, no one cares about that there. They just throw it in a fridge and it can stay there for a month before being used. If you see the kitchen at a preparation unit you’ll see how dirty there is. They don’t care about hygiene or food safety for their clients. Sell sell sell.


There was even a movie in 2004. Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock released the movie “Super Size Me” which asks the question to the viewers “If fast food claims to be a healthy diet option, can we survive on it alone?”. Spurlock himself was the subject for this experiment. At the start of it, doctors said that he was the picture of health. By the end of the experiment his overall physical had deteriorated close to being fatal. By the third week of the project, all three doctors begged him to stop in order to avoid irreparable damage.


Did you know that people which eat fast-food have an increased risk of dying from a heart disease by 80 percent. Pretty scary! Junk food create a higher risk of heart disease as it has high levels of saturated trans fats found in most of the food.


Apart from the various health problems it gives you, fast food is a waste of money. Junk food consumes too much money compared to preparing food at home. Why spend your budget on something that harms your body?


A terrifying study showed that fast food burgers aren’t really burgers. They have 50% water and only 2.1 to 14.8 percent meat which is a pretty low number compared to how it should actually be. If you’re asking yourself what makes up the rest of it, chemical fillers and preservatives, mostly.


In conclusion, I can guarantee that an occasional bite with your friends won’t be that harmful. However, don’t make it a habit. This fast food thing was made as an alternative when our regular healthy food wasn’t available. Adding junk food to our regular “diet” will just cause irreversible damage to our body and brain. So, try to avoid this kind of food at any moment in order to stay healthy and save your body.

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The way Medicare Supplement Plans Work

Medicare health insurance Supplement plans hopefully will fill out the gaps in original Medicare health insurance. Original Medicare contains Medicare A Portion and B Portion. These types of plans are actually consistent across companies – all companies are necessary to provide the same standardized features. This force it be quite simple to comprehend the plans and the way they serve you.

Listed below are the very best things that must be recognize when dealing with Medicare Supplement plans:

Medicare Supplement plans AKA Medigap are standardized. These plans all allow for equivalent coverage for like plans. that means a Plan A with one firm is the identical as a Plan A with any other firm. Due to this, it is essential to evaluate the plans on the basis of regular monthly premium and vendor rating or reputation. Selling price being equal, it really is much better be with a company that has a very good reputation for involvement in the elderly insurance industry and/or a high financial strength ranking.

Medigap plans can easily employed at any doctor or medical center, nationwide, no matter which company sells you the coverage.

Various kinds of insurance are networked; nevertheless, that is not be applied to Medicare Supplement plans. Even some different kinds of Medicare Advantage plans – Medicare plans – are networked in many instances. On the other hand, Medigap plans provide you with the flexibility of making use of the plan any place in the US that provides Medicare. This kind of flexibility, especially for someone that travels, is among the many reasons these kinds of plans have grown to be increasingly popular as a way to supplement Medicare insurance coverage.

Medigap plans all pay out claims using the Medicare crossover procedure. There is absolutely no variance in how fast or how efficiently one provider pays claims compared to another.

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Although some companies might use the selling point of their timeliness for paying claims, this is not completely appropriate when it comes to this type of coverage. as these plans are standardized and pay out claims by special “crossover” arrangement, you can be certain that, no matter the company, the claims are going to be paid out promptly and with minimum generally no involvement from the insured.

After you got a plan,All you need is to present your plan identification card when getting services from a doctor or health-care facility in any place in US.

Altogether, Medicare Supplement plans remain a viable option for all those folk on Medicare, And would like to limit their exposure to money expenditures. With only Medicare, you are exposed to paying around twenty percent of all medical bills. With a Medigap plan, on the other hand, you are able to greatly reduce or, in case of some plans, totally get rid of your expenditure.

Tips On Medicare Supplemental Plans

Medicare Supplemental Plan or policy, also known as Medigap, is an insurance policy which aids individuals to carry out a few of their payments related to healthcare which the primary Medicare does not take care of. This entails Copayments, Deductibles and Coinsurance. This article provides an elaborative description on the various aspects of Medigap plans and schemes and also states detailed information regarding the same. The simple thing you can to beat any challenge is to make your  research first on every plan before you can buy. The United States of America has many insurance companies that you can use. However, these companies have varying price and packages available. You are not going to be cheated because the government has ensured that the process is standardized.

Policy details

Private companies sell the various policies related to Medigap. If Medigap is bought by a citizen who possesses primary Medicare, then there are a few things which take place. Firstly, the portion of the amount that is approved by Medicare will be paid by Medicare as coverage for costs that are related to health. Secondly, the share of the policy will be paid by Medigap. To learn more visit

There are differences between a policy of Medigap and an plan of Medicare advantage. While the later are schemes to obtain benefits of Medicare, the former only takes care of the benefits that are stated by the primary Medicare. Now, there are a few details that an individual needs to know before purchasing a Medigap policy. Firstly, a citizen should possess both Part A and Part B of Medicare. Secondly, if the individual possesses a scheme of Medicare advantage, he or she can submit an application for the policy of Medigap. The individual is to make sure to part ways with the scheme for Medicare advantage before the commencement of the policy of Medigap. Thirdly, payment is to be made to an insurance company of the private nature on a monthly basis premium for the policy of Medigap. This premium of the monthly order is to be paid in addition to the premium of the monthly order that is being paid to Medicare i.e. Part B. Lastly, it has to be kept in mind that only one individual can be covered by a policy of Medigap. If, for instance, an individual wants to possess Medigap coverage for both him and his wife, then two separate policies are to be bought.


Although very beneficial, it has to be kept in mind that everything is not taken care of by Medigap. Medical issues such as care of long duration, dental related issues, vision, etc. do not come under Medigap coverage. Other than a few issues such as these, Medigap is a very beneficial policy for  US citizens. If you are getting older, you should not ignore these plans. They have been formulated to ensure that you have no worries when it comes to your health issues and treatment.


Medicare Supplement Plans, the Medigap Must know details

An insurance known as Medigap policy is the Medicare Supplement plans insurance. This is sold by private companies and it helps people in paying the costs of health care that is not covered by the Original Medicare such as deductibles, coinsurance and copayments.


Some Medicare Supplement plans in 2018 cover the services that the Original Medicare does not, such as medical care if you go traveling outside the U.S. Having Original Medicare and buying a Medigap policy indicates Medicare will pay for the Medicare-approved amount that covers the costs of health care. It is then that your Medigap policy pays.


A Medigap insurance policy is not the same as Medicare Advantage Plan.  Here are few things one must know regarding Medigap insurance policies.


  • It is a must to have Part A and B Medicare to have Medigap.
  • Having a Medicare Advantage Plan means you can get a Medigap policy, but ascertain before the starting of your Medigap policy you leave the Medicare Advantage Plan.
  • You pay monthly premium to the private insurance company for the Medigap policy besides the Part B premium to Medicare.
  • Medical Supplements Plan, the Medigap policy covers one person only and so a husband and a wife also must buy separate policies.
  • Medigap policy can be purchase from any insurance company in the state, ensure it is licensed.
  • The Medigap policy that is standardized is certainly renewable and until you pay the premium it is active.
  • Some policies of Medigap covered prescription drugs in the past, but the policies sold after 2006 are not permitted drug coverage. In case you want coverage for prescription drug, join Part D Medicare Prescription Plan for drugs.


Few valid points to know

  • Medicare Supplement Plans policies do not cover all.
  • The Medigap policies also do not cover dental or vision care, long term care, eyeglasses, hearing aids or private-duty nursing.


Insurance plans – not Medigap

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare Prescription drug plans
  • Medicare Advantage Plans such as PPO, HMO or Private fee- service plan
  • Tricare
  • Union or employer plans including the health benefits program of the Federal employees
  • Long term care
  • Veterans benefits


Dropping Medigap policy, know about it

If you wish to drop the Medigap policy entirely, timing is important. This is because you may expect a new Medigap policy that has drug coverage as well or wish to switch to Medicare Advantage Plan offering prescription drug cover. You will have to go in a row for 63 days or more before a new Medicare drug coverage starts.

An insight of Medicare Supplement Plans on Inpatient – Outpatient care

A Medicare Supplement that is known as ‘Medigap’ policy is sold by private companies and they assist in paying the health care costs such as deductibles, copayments and coinsurance that is not covered actually under the Original Medicare.


The original Medicare includes the coverage of Part A and B and this depends on the status of the hospital to consider a patient as inpatient or outpatients. These terms inpatient and outpatient matters because hospital insurance that is Medicare Part A covers inpatient care , while the medical insurance falls under Medicare Part B that covers the outpatient expenses. This means as an inpatient your hospital admission can affect coverage.  Thus, it is very important to know the Medicare coverage of inpatient and outpatient care.


Who is an inpatient?

Inpatient is when your doctor orders you for admission and formally admits you into a hospital room. This means you are under the doctor’s care and gives care instructions as you are in the hospital and so you are an inpatient until discharged. It may also be just an overnight stay at the hospital without the status of being inpatient.


Who is an outpatient?

If you go to a hospital for diagnostic tests or x-rays or visit emergency department or same-day surgery, you visit a hospital but are an outpatient as you spend the time to receive particular services. You are an inpatient only if you are admitted formally by the doctor orders.


Best Medicare Supplement Plans in 2019 qualify you at least when you are in a hospital as inpatient for three days. This includes the admission first day, but not the day you are discharged.


How Medicare pays for inpatient vs. outpatient care?

Getting formally admitted in a hospital as inpatient is covered by Medicare Part A and you pay deductible Part A and this is covered generally in the first 60 days of your admission in hospital. Part A typically pays for meals, semi-private room, medical supplies, nursing care and treatments, in addition to prescription drugs required to treat you in the hospital.  Part B Medicare covers the visits of the doctor in the hospital and it is subjected to deductible Part B and coinsurance 20% amounts.


While, if you are getting at the hospital outpatient care and are under observation, Part B covers allowable costs and pays coinsurance amount. Having Medicare Supplement plans helps to get coverage for both, inpatient and outpatient as it covers copayments, deductible amounts and coinsurance.


In fact, Medicare Supplement plans get your benefits of Medicare as required same as Part A and B Original Medicare , except for the Part A hospice care  that is still only covered by Part A.